The St. Clair River is located between Michigan and Ontario, Canada.

The river is 39 miles long and drops 5 feet in elevation from Lake Huron to Lake St. Clair. The flow rate averages around 182,000 cubic feet per second, and the drainage area is 222,400 square miles. This takes into account the combined drainage areas of Lakes Huron, Michigan, and Superior.

The Blue Water Bridge between Port Huron and Sarnia.
The Blue Water Bridge between Port Huron and Sarnia.

The river, which some consider a "strait", flows in a southerly direction, connecting the southern end of Lake Huron to the northern end of Lake St. Clair. It branches into several channels near its mouth at Lake St. Clair, creating a broad delta region known as the St. Clair Flats.

Stag island

Several communities along the St. Clair rely on the river as their primary source of drinking water. About one-third to one-half of the residents of Michigan receive their water from the St. Clair/Detroit River waterway.

Check the water level (USGS) of the St. Clair River HERE.

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