Homemade baked pizza's, Subs and Calzones Baked in Brick ovens. Purchase your favorite ice cream year around! Cherry and Apple Pizzas 14" 10 pc - $9.99 Delivery available A "unique" dining experience with the "50's" flair and arcade located 10 min outside downtown Port Huron on Lapeer Rd. Wadhams House of Pizza features a Family Meal Deal - Feeds 5-6 people.for approx $4.80 per person, for $23.99. 16" (x-lg) 12 pc pizza with up to 3 toppings. Lg salad of your choice: Greek - fetta, antipasto - salamis , House with turkey and ham, Marinated chicken, Pineapple, pecan, chicken with poppy seed dressing. Garlic, parmesan cheeser stix with ranch or pizza dip, 2 Liter coke product. Birthday parties - make your own pizza, games, prizes.
5133 Lapeer Rd
Kimball, MI 48074
GPS: 42.98462, -82.52932