Inside this store you will find a collection of amazing baby dolls, so life-like you'll wonder if they are truly just sleeping babies. The Birds and Bees Nursery is the child of Sanilac County native, Julie Molloy. At the store she both makes and sells her beautiful dolls. Julie began making dolls at the age of 16, but had long dreamed of creating "real babies". Julie continued making dolls as a hobby until 2001 when she began working for a large doll manufacturer as a designer and artist. It was at this job that Julie was able to first realize her dream of making life-like dolls. After a few years of practicing her skills with the larger company, Julie decided to strike out on her own. Because of the hand-made nature of these dolls each one is unique and highly collectible. Julie is also available during the week by appointment. Call Julie at 810-622-9800 to make an appointment or order a doll. Also visit her website below.
7305 Main St.
Port Sanilac, Mi 48469
GPS: 43.43093, -82.542
Hours: Fri: 1pm-6pm / Sat-Sun: 10am-4pm