The Bluewater area has a great variety of recreational activities to enjoy.  Do you enjoy apple picking with the family, or going to the beach?  Maybe your favorite activity is kayaking in Lake Huron, or in a small stream; you can do both in St. Clair County. 

One can choose from golfing, camping, hiking, or swimming.  Maybe you like to fish for Walleye, or just sit on the shore and watch a Freighter slip by.  There are many opportunities to explore an island, hunt for small game, or visit a skate park. 

Bowling, archery, softball, tennis, or bicycle on one of our many trails; you can have fun doing it all in the Bluewater area!

Regional Recreation Places
Agriculture Agriculture
Boat Launch Boat Launch
Boating Boating
Campground Campground
Golf Course Golf Course
International Border Crossing International Border Crossing
Land Formation Land Formation
Maritime History Maritime History
Natural Area or Preserve Natural Area or Preserve
Outfitter Outfitter
Sports Facility Sports Facility
Water Access Water Access