US Bike Route 20 is an established bicycle route in Michigan from the Marine City - Sombra Ferry, where it connects to the Trans Canada Trail via local trails, to Ludington, where the route continues across the car ferry S. S. Badger to Manitowoc, WI.  From Wisconsin it a planned (but not yet implemented) corridor that will eventually reach the Pacific Ocean near Eugene, OR.

The Michigan segment operates on bicycle paths, county roads and state roads, favoring paved roads that have either low to moderate traffic or paved shoulders.  Bicyclists on the route will encounter historic small towns like Marine City and Vassar, the old-world Bavarian charm of Frankenmuth, and the Manistee National Forest.  Communities are located frequently along the route providing services like dining, lodging, libraries with internet access, and other shops and parks.  There are several campgrounds along the route as well.

U.S. Bike Route 20

US Bike Route 20 is part of a planned nationwide corridor of bicycle routes that will allow cyclists a convenient and reasonably safe way to travel across America.  The corridor plan was approved by AASHTO, the Federal Highway Administration's designated agency, in late 2008.  Corridor information and maps can be found at  In Michigan, MDOT and the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance ( jointly developed the route with technical assistance from Adventure Cycling, AASHTO and the New York State Department of Transportation and with the cooperation and support of County Road Commissions and cities along the corridor.

As of June 2011, MDOT is working on an official state route map, and is also working on funding and an operations plan to sign the route across the state.

The Google map below, shows the route in St. Clair County. For more maps on the route through Michigan, see the links above.

For more information contact Scott Anderson, volunteer for Michigan Trails and Greenways,