Detroiters and bike adventurers have a new way to learn about the city's importance to the Underground Railroad.

The Adventure Cycling Association, a Montana-based organization that compiles bicycle-friendly routes for cross-country touring, has created a new bicycle route that begins in Oberlin, Ohio, and ends in Marine City, Michigan. 

The new route is 518-miles long, and is a Detroit Alternate trail to the Underground Railroad routes. The map shows a bike path that diverges from the original route in Oberlin, Ohio, and winds through Michigan to end points in Marine City, Mich., and Owen Sound, Ontario.

Adventure Cycling's bike maps don't usually include urban areas, but the organization made an exception for Detroit because of its rich history and major steps the city is taking to become bicycle-friendly. Adventure Cycling also was attracted to the work of historian Kimberly Simmons, who is advocating that the Detroit River be designated a U.N. World Heritage Site.

For more information, go to; Underground Railroad bicycle route